American Has Spoken…

The privilege of living in America brings with it opportunity and responsibility.  Early this morning, we Americans saw our political system in action.  Some saw the vote they cast swing to their favor, others did not.  Some voted for political reasons, others for personal ones…however, the opportunity was still there for all to participate in.  I for one, am glad I live in the United States of America, where democracy is still the standard.  Some may disagree, that’s your right too.  Regardless, as I did prior to Election Day, I did again this morning…I prayed for the President of MY United States.  I did not know 24 hours ago the color of skin my President (or President-elect) would have, it did not matter when it came to praying for his wisdom and God’s leading in his life (whether he beckoned Him or not); I knew my President (President-elect) would need it.

You see, our nation is fast falling away from the Foundation upon which is was founded.  Neither candidate can (could) light the spiritual fire necessary for America to turn back to God as she once was.  It’s not a “government issue” it’s a spiritual one.  Does the President of the United States determine my walk with God? No, that’s between me and my Saviour…and that’s where it will always be.  You see, He “works across the aisle”, regardless of the political flavor of man.

If you took advantage of the opportunity and responsibility to vote, be proud…you’re an American!  Mr. Obama your man?  Be proud, you’re an American!  Mr. Obama not your man?  Be proud, you are an American!  May God bless the Unites States of America, keep her and protect her.  May the United States of America believe in God, follow and obey Him!

By the way, the reader may be wondering…was Mr. Obama “my man”?  He was not who I voted for, but he is who I am praying for.  I reminded many on last Sunday, regardless of who may reside in the White House… (Prov 21:1) “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”


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  1. Jennifer Spencer/Miles

    Thank you for the fine words… I will continue to pray for our President and our country. As we have no choice. Jesse take the wheel and lead this country on a journey, for the better

  2. Thank you for these words Pastor! I like the saying: “The best of men are only MEN at their best!”

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