Prayer for a Friend

Austin Gardner, pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA, had a CT scan today and here’s an excerpt from his blog…

The doctor just called with the results from the CT scan. There are several little things that they do not understand. I am being referred to an Oncologist to find out what to do.

It is possible that it is nothing. It is also possible that I will need chemotherapy. I will be in contact with the Oncologists on Monday, Lord willing.

This is not really the time to be alarmed but it is something that they want to take care of.

It is always best to be super careful and make sure all has been taken care of.

That is really about all that we know. The cancer had had was a middle grade clear renal carcinoma.

The reports will be mailed to us this coming week. I may need more scans and a PET scan but they are very expensive and will only be done if the Oncologist agrees that is the next step.

Thanks for praying. God bless


Please join with me in prayer on his behalf.


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  1. Adding Bro. Gardner to my prayer list!!

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