6,570 Days…

Today marks another year of ministry in my life.  18 years ago today, I officially came on staff here at Victory Baptist Church.  I can’t believe all the wonderful things God has allowed me to see and experience through the ministry here.  One week after getting back from our honeymoon, I started working as the Junior High Youth Pastor.  I remember coming in on my first day, with just a shoebox of stuff…my Bible, some pens, a notebook, and some small desk decorations someone had bought for me.  I shared an office that was about 8×8 with the other assistant pastor and to be honest with you, I thought I had “hit it” big time!  Let me say this…I did!!  When God called me into the ministry, it was “big time!” and may I say, it still is!  I’m humbled and thankful that He would see fit to use me.  I was excited then to see what God would do through my life, I’m even more excited about it now.  What an awesome privilege it is to serve as the Pastor here.  VBC, thank you so much for “putting up” with me all these years.  Congratulations MUST go to you men and women who have been so faithful.  Thank you and I love you…now, more than ever!  Let’s stay Committed to Him and each other!


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  1. Well I like listening to you all these miles away so great keep up a good job ,regard Teressa from England,

  2. We love you pastor! Keep up the good work you are doing at VBC!

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