Be My Guest Sunday…this Sunday!

So you’re thinking about attending one of our services?  We are excited about that and eagerly anticipate meeting you!  We trust your first visit with us will be a very pleasant one.  While our doors are open to anyone, the safety of our children is extremely important to us, so we ask that all our first time guests register when they arrive at our facilities.  You can register at our Connection Center, located in the foyer of our main auditorium entrance.  There you will be greeted by our friendly volunteers who will either register you personally with their iPads, or assist you to the Connection Center Desk.  Another benefit, especially for those with children, registering at our Connection Center will eliminate the need for the usual “multiple” information exchange at their various classrooms and nurseries.

In addition, if you’re running behind or are one of those who like to plan ahead, we have set up a secure way for you to “pre-register” your visit with us to quicken the onsite process.  You can find that form on our website or by clicking here and via any computer, smart phone or tablet, enter your info. If you do pre-register, just let our volunteers know when you arrive so they can retrieve your information.  See ya’ Sunday!


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