*this is a guest post from Mark Smith, VBC’s Pastor’s Prayer Team Director

“Prayer is a privilege given to us by the Creator.  To not use this privilege daily is not wise.”

What is Prayer?

Simply put, prayer is a way in which we talk to God. Prayer is communication with God.  When we pray, we talk to God in everyday language-not in theological terminology, not in religious rhetoric (art of effective speaking; artificial or exaggerated language) or charismatic chatter.

God’s Word reads in Philippians 4:6, “Be careful for nothing,(we are not to worry) but in every thing(that means every thing!) by prayer(asking) and supplicaion (a humble appeal) with thanksgiving let your request (prayer takes effort and action) be made known unto God.”  As Dr. John R. Rice used to say, “Prayer is Asking.”

Let’s not make prayer into something that’s hard to understand, or something that needs a lot of study;  it just needs to be practiced.  Remember this, “There is no substitute for prayer!” 

One might say, “You don’t understand, I serve in this ministry, I sacrifice in this area, etc”  The reply, “There is so substitute for our personal prayer lives!”

“No individual is stronger than his or her prayer life.”

Lord willing, more on prayer in next month’s article…

Mark Smith, Pastor’s Prayer Team Director


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