VBC Mission Conference 2012 Saturday Night

What a great way to start off the weekend! VBC is honored to have Pastor and Mrs. Jim Roberts, Missionary Jim and Autumn Roberts and family, Missionary John and Kelly Webb and family, and Missionary Chris and Sherry Waye with us this week. They will all be teaching and preaching this weekend and sharing with our church family. Tonight we enjoyed hearing Bro. Webb preaching from 1 Corinthians and “running the race.” The most thought provoking question/statement from him was “What’s holding you back?” Many of us have or are struggling with that question on many different levels…may we answer honestly and actively.


The teen choir did a great job singing and the International Dinner was wonderful…thanks so much for all the work so far. I’d also like to thank our Global Evangelism Team (G.E.T) for their planning and efforts, the results are evident. Some of our missionary men were taken skeet shooting and the others golfing, while the ladies enjoyed some pampering. The kids were taken to “Monkey Joes” and while all this was being done, their cars were being detailed by G.E.T members and teens, and serviced by C.R. Automotive. Thanks to all!

I’m looking so forward to tomorrow’s service, beginning with a combined SS @ 9:45, Worship at 11, lunch, then PM service at 2…in addition to that, remember, we will be making a very important announcement in the AM service!


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