The Impact on One of our Own (Patrick Henry)

The following was written by one of guys who is on his last 6 months of his one year short term mission trip in Chile, South America…

I don’t know what you have planned for this weekend, but I can assure you that whatever they are, you would be better off changing your plans and coming to Victory Baptist Church’s Mission Conference. This year’s theme is “Committed to the Commission.” Out of almost everything that goes on at the Victory Baptist Church, I personally believe that this is the best (or certainly top 2) event to come to. You may be a member, or you may not. That doesn’t matter – you are invited, come anyway! If you have other plans, change them or postpone them. It is worth it!

Why is the Mission Conference so special? Well, it was at the Mission Conference 3 years ago where God started working in me about change. I had no clue what, where, how, or when. But God started working in me. The next year God dealt with me even more. It has become a very, very special event for me personally, and for many others. I believe it will be special for you too!

The Mission Conference will start on Saturday night with a special “International Dinner” at Victory in Loganville, GA. This dinner is where we have different foods from around the world. It is free! Come to it, it is definitely worth your time! On Sunday, the conference will continue through the morning and conclude with a 2pm service. Here is a schedule…

International Dinner (Saturday evening at 6pm in basement of church)
Sunday School (Sunday at 9:45am)
Church (Sunday at 11am)
Church-wide Lunch (after morning service)
Special 2pm Service
The address of Victory Baptist Church is…
88 Brand Road
Loganville, GA 30052

Again, you do not have to be a member or even attend the church to come to this year’s Mission Conference. Please consider coming. Put off cutting the grass for a few days. Instead of that concert that you may be planning on going to, buy the guys album on iTunes and come listen to it on the way to the Mission Conference. The end of the Olympics is way over-rated, and you can watch highlight videos of the worth-while stuff on ESPN for the next week and a half. Your kid’s football practice and games will be for days and weeks to come, skip this one! Do what is necessary to make going to the Mission Conference happen! I can assure you that you will not regret it.

I happen to agree with him! See ya’ tonight!


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