Anniversary Sunday

Sunday, the 22nd, I was blessed and privilege to celebrate serving as the Senior Pastor for 8 wonderful years! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! It was a fun-filled day, complete with a personalized version of Family Feud, featuring the “Staff Family” and the “Lawrence Family”, and hosted by a hair-endowed “L Train” Birge. The “audience survey” was about me and Michelle, and answered through the adult SS classes, and let’s just say, not all were “right on.” 🙂 It was hilarious and we enjoyed it immensely. In addition, gifts of appreciation were given to my children and wife, and we were given a very generous love offering from the members of VBC…what a super blessing, thank you!

After the AM service, we enjoyed “dinner on the grounds” in the lower level and it was quite a spread, I tell you! At 2PM, we had 6 young men preach for a few minutes and they did a great job. I love hearing those young men preach, it is such an encouragement to me, as well as helps train them in the ministry. It was a long day, but a wonderful one!


Thanks so much Victory Baptist…I love you and am very grateful to serve with you.

Following the PM service, our family loaded up and have gone on vacation for several days. As a result, for the most part, I am “going dark” and will only be receiving emergency emails, phone calls. Please pray for our rest and protection. Church, I sure do love you…thank you so much for everything! I’m looking forward to the next greater years of ministry together!


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