Chic-fil-a Confusion…

This is a followup of an earlier post this morning entitled My Wife Had a Bad Experience at Chic-fil-a. My inboxes blew up with all sorts of comments (mostly confused, not negative) and I wanted to clarify the situation. (wow, I didn’t realize I knew so many people that work at Chic-fil-a, although our chairman of deacons is a senior executive!) The article was a repost off another man’s blog and it was not talking about my wife, Michelle! I put an asterisk and a note at the bottom of the article in italics to note that but I’m not so sure everyone read that far down:) I say all that to say, it wasn’t Chic-fil-a, nor the bad experience this other lady had that was the focal point of the blog…it was the fact that the church is so precious to Christ, that we should love and treat her with the respect He would want us to.

Furthermore, things are very good here at VBC, with such a sweet spirit in our services, that I just want us to make sure we realize and appreciate how blessed we are, and to guard ourselves from Satan’s attacks. He would love nothing more than thwart what Christ wants to do here with His church!

In addition, my wife LOVES Chic-fil-a, and is especially fond of those B.O.G cards that sometimes float around!!


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  1. Bro. Derik,
    I Just have to say it’s spelled Chick-fil-a. Sorry, I am OCD about spelling and grammar. But it was a great post, and I am included in the list who didn’t read the *note at the bottom 🙂 I’m thankful for your blog posts 🙂

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