It’s Not Fair

I don’t often post things people say concerning the messages I preach, primarily for two reasons…one, it sounds prideful and two, I never want to betray the privacy of the party sharing their heart. However, since there were several similar thoughts shared via email, text or in person, I asked the sender of this one for permission to post, as an encouragement for perhaps another person struggling with the “It’s Not Fair” mindset we often let creep up in our lives. I encourage the reader, exercise spiritual maturity by hearing the message the sender is trying to get across more than trying to figure out who it is. At the bottom of the post, I’ve also included a link to hear the sermon referred to if you’d like.


I know you don’t hear much from me, but I wanted to make you aware of how the Lord used you to speak to many, but in particular, me, especially in the morning service.
God has been slowly working in my heart over a couple months now, but in the morning service, HE was extremely convicting. I have no doubt that HE has probably tried, on many an occasion, to get thru to me, but, being somewhat hard headed, I sometimes (by my own choosing) have to learn the hard way.
The very words you used in your sermon, I’ve said more times than I can possibly remember over the last three our four years……..”GOD, it’s just not fair.” I’ve been very angry with HIM for quite some time because of all the problems I’ve had. The fact that it is not up to me to question HIS purpose for what HE brings into my life, hit me very hard. Believe me, HE didn’t stop there! During the invitation HE continued giving me a much needed “dressing down”. In essence, HE let me know that the “tantrum” I’ve been pitching for the last 3 years was gonna stop, right now. On top of that, I wrestled all afternoon about the apology, HE let me know, I owed my [spouse]. I have NEVER liked to admit when I’m wrong, so it took till the evening service for me to obey HIM on that. Now, I’m glad I did. [My spouse] has been praying for awhile that HE would, somehow, break through to me. There were many times he offered me godly counsel about how I was acting, but I guess he knew the LORD could get at my heart where I thwarted any of [my spouses’] efforts. Did I mention I can be very hard headed? Once I told [my spouse] how GOD had been dealing with me all day, he appreciated my apology all the more. He knew more than I realized and gave me godly counsel without being too hard on me (with all the tears shed, I guess he realized the LORD had already been harder on me than he could ever be, and, boy, was he right). However, there were a few things we had to talk about that were pretty tough for me, but I told him I had earned every criticism and encouraged him to speak freely. I really didn’t like the hand I’d been dealt, and spent the last three or so years “showing” GOD just how angry I was. I guess HE’S understanding to a point, but eventually HE gets HIS fill. There was no doubt in my mind what HE was saying to me in the morning service, HE made that crystal clear. But HE let me know, without question, how much HE loves me and restored my fellowship with HIM immediately once HE knew HE had finally broken through and I was sincerely repentant.
It has been a very long time (it shames me to say) since I felt my prayers were going much further than the ceiling. Thank you for bringing what GOD lays on your heart to us. It may not have been much fun, but I have fellowship with my HEAVENLY FATHER again, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing GOD to use you to get HIS message across (even the painful ones). I’m sincerely sorry for my faithlessness at church, and I’m doing my best to correct it. I don’t know what GOD has planned for my [needs], but I’ll give my all, with GOD’s help, to be in my place, doing whatever HE asks me to do. Thank you so much for all you do! It is appreciated more than you will ever know! Our family truly loves you and Mrs. Michelle and your sweet family!

Praise the Lord for how He worked in our lives yesterday!

Here’s a link to the Purposes of God sermon. You can also subscribe to hear all our services by searching Victory Baptist Church-Loganville on iTunes or clicking here. (for some reason, the first few minutes were not uploaded, however the text was Acts 12)


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