Update from Cole (4)

Africa Journal: Day 4

This morning started out as usual, Bro. Kevin came and had a devotion with us. It was about the grace of God and how we couldn’t live without Him. Also how we should want to give hope to the lost.
After the devotion we went out and distributed DVDs again. Next we went to the elephant park, it was crazy. There was elephants everywhere. Bro. Kevin said that they are usually hard to find or too far away to really see them. We also saw some wart hogs, bush deer, zebras, and some other animals I don’t know the name of.
The services tonight were awesome. Mrs. Michelle Phillips and I gave our testimonies. After the service we gave out some candy to the kids and they were very thankful.
Thank you for your continued prayers for the people here in South Africa as well as our safety.


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  1. One question… Are wart hogs, bush deer, or zebra in season?… Just saying. A zebra rug may look good in the foyer.
    Been praying for ya’ll. Have a safe trip home.
    -Mark Hill

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