A Letter from my Son…

My oldest son, Cole, who is 13, will be going on his first mission trip in 3 weeks.  Here is a copy of his paper letter he’s sending out to some family explaining the trip and his need and I thought seeing it would be better than me writing a blog on it for any of my readers who’d like to assist…thank you for considering.

ImageDear Family and Friends,

In three weeks, I’ll be going on my first Missions Trip and I’m super excited about it! On July 1-13 a group of teens and adults from our church will be going to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. While there we will be able to serve in a bunch of ways like:

Assisting Missionary Kevin Hall & his family in any way that they need us Teaching & Preaching in public schools

Distributing C.D.’s & tracts

Assisting Local Churches started by Kevin Hall in a variety of ways (Construction, Teaching, Preaching, Training, etc.)

Ministering to the South African people

Seeing first hand what a Missionary is and does

My prayer is that this trip makes a difference for the people of South Africa as well as myself. I’m asking the Lord to do something special in my life while I am on this trip.

I’ve worked hard to raise the money for the trip and to date I’ve raised right at $1,000 through some teen fund raisers and odd jobs, however, I still need to raise about $1,400 more. I know everyone is tight right now, but every little bit will help and if you are able and can, I will appreciate any amount you can donate. I am also willing to work if you have anything I might could do, but it would have to be after I get back because I’m helping in Jr. Camp at church and then have basketball camp before I leave.

My mom said it’s easier for people to send a check if they already have an addressed envelope and stamp, so I’ve put one in this letter. However, my dad thinks people might prefer to do it online, so he set me up a way to do that. You can go to his blog, deriklawrence.wordpress.com or Facebook page and click on a link to do that. To be honest with you, it doesn’t matter to me, I’ll get one of them to bring me to your house and pick it up if you want me to. Either way, make any check payable to Victory Baptist and note Cole Lawrence-Africa.

Thank you in advance for any money you can send and don’t feel bad if you don’t have any right now, just pray for me and my friends to have a safe trip and to be used by God. My dad said he will help me post pictures of the trip and stuff on his Facebook while I’m over there so you can see what we’re doing.

I love you, Cole

Again, thank you and here is the link I promised Cole…(anyone with a debit or credit card can donate without setting up an account…just note amount and specify Cole-Africa in “Special Instructions” box)


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  1. Thank you so much Mrs. Mary…you’re always such a blessing and encouragement!

  2. Cole, I am so proud of you as you take this important step in your life!! You can count on my prayers, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you!!

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