The Hamilton Family

Victory Baptist would like to welcome our newest members, as well as the newest member of our pastoral staff.  Bro. Keith and his wife, Amy, have four girls…Emma, Ellie, Annabeth and Addison.  The past year Bro. Hamilton has served on our school staff and during that time displayed the enthusiasm, zeal and heart of ministry we strive to teach and train here at Victory.  This next year, he will serve as the Assistant Administrator of VBS, as well as various administrative duties as an Assistant Pastor at VBC.  Their talents are many, but their love for the Lord  and His ministry, I believe, exceed even his abilities.  I want you to make sure you take the time to get to know them and I’m confident, like me, you’ll see why God has so knit our hearts to serve together.  Bro. Hamilton, Mrs. Ami and girls, we are delighted to have you as a part of the Victory family and we welcome you!

This Sunday evening, in combination with our Ice Cream Social, we will have a Welcome Reception for the Hamilton family, please plan on staying around for a while to introduce your family to them.


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