Happy Birthday to Two Very Important People…

Today marks the birthdate of two of my children, Hunter and Malia. Yes, they were born on the same day, only two years apart, and only two days before my wife’s birthday. What a joy these two are in our lives.



Hunter turns 12 today and is a very smart young man. He is our wittiest son and constantly keeps us laughing. Last week he and I spent the day goofing off doing whatever he wanted to do, which is something I try to do with each one for their birthdays. We had a great time and it was a day I hope to remember for a very long time. My desire and prayer for Hunter is that he stays pure in heart, pure in mind and pure in body, three things I strive to pray for daily for all our children. I also pray that Hunter will keep himself usable for God and that God will do great things in his life. Huntdawg, I love you buddy and am so thankful God gave you to mom and I…have a great day!

Malia, our oldest daughter, obviously then turns 10 today. What a great day it was when in the labor room, we found out Cole and Hunter had a baby sister!


Malia is a very fun loving, easy going girl, as you can tell by her photos. She is as beautiful in the woods as she is on Sunday at church. Our prayer is she stays as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I sure do love her too…Happy Birthday Mia!

Thank You, Lord for Malia and Hunter…


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  1. Happy birthday to two beautiful children. Hunter and Malia.
    I pray that they both will have a wonderful day and the Lord will continue to bless them. We love them lots!

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