Special Request

I’m not sure I’ve ever blogged a special prayer request, but there is something I covet the prayer of any readers for. I’m not at liberty to go in to detail, but am asking prayer for primarily three issues concerning my request. One, that the Lord’s will be very clear (discernment and direction). Two, that His hand of provision would be evident and three, that I’ll have the courage to do what He says if He opens the door or gives the liberty.
I realize I’m being somewhat vague, but only for a while. I’m not trying to drum up some sort of “mystery hype” either…I just would like to enlist the prayer of God’s people. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with the zip code of where I pastor…God has me at VBC and I’m not looking at another pasture…I’m very confident I’m where I’m supposed to be, praise the Lord. The matter is a ministry related one however…thanks for your prayer.


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  1. You Got It! from the Haulk’s- Pastor Brother D! Stand on the Rock and trust Him stay focused just like the eagle! He will show you & direct your path.

  2. Praying for you Pastor Derik. May you know God’s will. He always provides a way when it is his will. Courage, I believe you have for God’s will. : -)

  3. You know are prayers are with you. Love you

  4. Keith Shumaker

    Praying for you Bro. Derick. God Bless.

  5. I will be praying for these 3 specific request for you.
    is this a matter that you would like for me to have the YAH Prayer Captians contact theit teams about or is your blog sufficient?


  6. I will be praying that you follow the clear guidance our Lord will give you. Thanks for letting me pray in this matter for you!

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