Thank You!

I received many comments and well-wishes on my birthday yesterday, but there was an article written by Trent Cornwell that moved me to tears…being reminded once again of the great opportunity as well as responsibility I have before me. Thank you Pastor Cornwell for your heartfelt words and encouragement…may my next 40 years be exponentially more effective for Him!

Bro. “D”, a runner, and a snot nosed kid

I took this picture a couple months ago between the ordination council meeting and the ordination services for Chris Waye at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville. In the picture you have Chris Waye (missionary to the British Isles on the far left), Derik Lawrence (Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA), and Josh Ayers (Assistant Pastor at Victory Baptist Church). Any picture of a pastor and the missionary being sent to the field, in my opinion, is a great one. This picture is extra special because of the road God led these men on to get to this point.

Chris Waye moved into his father’s house in Loganville when he was 12 years old. Even though Chris has bounced around from one house to another most of his childhood God had landed him exactly where he needed to be at that age in his life. Josh Ayers befriended the new kid on the street. Soon after Bro. “D” would drive through the neighborhood as his bus runner, Josh, would knock on Chris’s door. Many times Chris wouldn’t get up so the wise runner would knock on his window. Victory Baptist Church became a family to this kid looking for a place to belong.

Through the years this bus captain became to be known as Bro. D, then as youth pastor and preacher, the latter in life as Pastor. [You can and should read all about this on Chris’s blog] Many years had been invest in this “snot nosed kid” by Bro. “D” before a picture like the one above could ever be possible. I absolutely love this story. Pastor Derik and Josh Ayers had no idea that they would they would have the honor of sending the Waye family from their church to the mission field. (BTW Chris’s wife got saved at Victory as well – you should really have this family in you church to hear the whole story).

You do not have to be a pastor to be a good pioneer sender but you do have to be a sender to be a good pastor! I am incredible challenged by this story and I hope you are as well. You may not be able to preach in front of hundreds of people on Sunday morning as “Bro. ‘D’” now does but we can pick up a kid!

As a pioneer senders let’s dream together for a moment.

Could you imagine that one day that kid or teen you are picking up for church will one day need to be dropped off at the airport?
The future missionaries are in the harvest! We are molding arrows that will change the world.
When people see how God uses His Word and His church to change lives they will have a desire to see more the Word taught and more churches established – that is missions!
So many of us would love to be in the picture of the ordination of a man of God like Chris Waye. We are not, however, so eager to be found in the picture of the life of a “snot nosed kid” needing a ride to church.
Pastor Derik I salute you today on your 40th birthday. As many men who turn 40 get to a point and look back over their lives and wonder if they have made a difference – you can and know that you have! You are a great example of a PIONEER SENDER and I thank you for your example.



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  1. Glad to have a small part in such a great pastor’s life.

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