Thanks to Vision Baptist and Pleasant Grove Baptist

This past weekend Michelle and I had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with the wonderful folks of Vision Baptist Church at their annual marriage retreat.  What a gracious group of folks they are!  Everything from the chocolates and special trail mix to the favorite drinks of mine and my wife’s, they took care of.  Honestly, every time I walked into the building were we taught, a man in their church, Bro. John Pearson, greeted me with a fresh cup of coffee…it was unbelievable!  And oh, how they listened!  I told Bro. Gardner his people were gonna’ get tired of hearing me but it didn’t faze him a bit…his words exactly, “Ahh, they’re good…keep teaching, they like it!”  Haha…I don’t know if it was true or not, but I kept teaching!    You can really sense Pastor Gardner’s desire for his people to have strong and healthy marriages…he really loves his people.  I’d like to brag on their training center students for the incredible meals and snacks they prepared…they did a fabulous job!  Seriously, Michelle and I left the retreat refreshed and so much enjoyed ourselves.  It was an honor for which we were very grateful…thanks Couples of Vision!

That was the second retreat we had the privilege of speaking at this year, the first being for Pastor Cramer and the good people of Pleasant Grove Baptist.  I failed to properly thank them publicly for the wonderful time we had with them as well, just a couple of weeks earlier, and wanted to say “thank you.”  We met in a beautiful hotel off of GA 400 and started off the weekend with a wonderful meal at The Cheesecake Factory.  I didn’t even know you could eat real food there, I thought it was just a dessert, was I wrong!  We sat next to a wonderful young couple who graciously shared their appetizer, “fried macaroni and cheese” with us…all I can say is, “Wow!…unbelievably good!  We then went back to the hotel for the first session…let me tell you something, I know this isn’t proper English, but “dem’ folk are stinkin’ hilarious!”  Michelle and I laughed the entire time we were with them and had a wonderful time!  You can also really sense the love Pastor Cramer has for his church couples!  They too were very receptive to the teaching and at least acted like they enjoyed it!  However, they were cuttin’ up the entire time so regardless, we had a great time….I know this, we learned a lot about the garden!  Thank you for a wonderful weekend and the generosity you showed my wife and I.

So again, Michelle and I thank both churches for the privilege of trying to assist them in strengthening their marriages and trust we were a blessing.  May God bless both ministries!


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