Sunday Summary 3.12.2012

As a pastor, you always hope that everyone remembers to set their clocks up for DST…and judging by the numbers yesterday, most everyone seemed to remember!  Random thoughts on the day:

  • The emphasis the entire day was on our addictions ministry, Reformer’s Unanimous. (RU)
  • In the AM service, I preached on a subject I’ve never preached on before…the Enabler, based upon Rebekah’s “enablement” of her son Jacob’s continued lying, deceit and betrayal.
  • We had a few visitors again and I look forward to following up with them this week.
  • There were four young people saved in one of our junior church services and we praise the Lord for that.
  • The music was good today and there was a lot of energy in the AM service.
  • Sun PM was turned over to the RU Ministry, in which they presented special music, skits, presentations and of course a message by Bro. Wayne Sosebee.
  • I appreciate so much Bro. Wayne’s compassion for the RU Ministry and his passion for preaching the Gospel!
  • We had a ton of RU folks in attendance and man, what a passionate group of people…I love the enthusiasm they present!
  • It was a good day of ministry.
  • We had our second night of Men’s March Madness in the gym following the service and we were able to get through it “injury free”…please continue to pray for Brian Hall and his recovery following surgery last week on his ankle.

I love Victory Baptist Church!


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  1. I love Victory Baptist Church and my dear Pastor and family. I love the way you present the message and how you love the Lord. I love the Lord with all my heart too and He is always in my thoughts and in everything I do.
    I truly enjoyed all the services on Sunday. Brother Wayne and his crew are doing a great job for the Lord.
    We pray for you daily that God will continue to use you as His instrument hear at Victory and all of America.

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