Sunday Summary 1.29.2012

We had a Baby Dedication Service on Sunday morning where several families and their children  lined across the auditorium for presentation of a New Testament with the child’s name engraved, a photograph taken and then followed by a prayer, dedicating the children to be trained and used by God.  In reality, we should probably label it “Parent” Dedication Service, because at this point, it’s really the parent that needs to dedicate themselves to be the parents God would have them to be.  I then preached a message entitled “Committed Parents.”  My thoughts on the day:

  • We had quite a few guests visiting with us today and I’m always grateful…especially for those who left saying “we’ll definitely be back!”
  • Main points for message…Delight of Parenting, Duties of Parenting, Diligence of Parenting
  • I touched on several “touchy” subject matters today, including parent/child relationships and privacy, grandparent involvement, when and how to biblically discipline a child.  Had a visiting couple say they wish their parents could have learned what we discussed when they were younger 🙂
  • Service lasted a good bit longer than normal…appreciative of attention of congregation.
  • PM service was planned for Africa trip review complete w/pictures and video, followed up with lesson on the Pastor’s Prayer Team…Bro. Mark Smith did a great job and I’m so grateful for all those who have and who are going to be Committed to the PPT this year.  (If you weren’t there to sign up, just call office (770.466.4040) or email Mark at
  • I felt like the people enjoyed hearing and seeing about the trip to Burkina Faso, Africa.
  • We had an Annual Business Meeting following the service with the usual unanimous “yea” vote for the 2012 budget.  What a privilege to worship at a place like Victory!

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