Sunday Summary 1.24.2012

It was great to be back at Victory on Sunday, after not being there while I was in Burkina Faso, Africa the week prior. (Which, consequently, I listened to the messages preached that Sunday and they were fantastic!)  Patrick Henry, this being his last service before leaving to South America on Wednesday, preached in the AM service and God just really used the message as basically Patrick preached his testimony through the life of Abraham.  It was a very good day all around, especially the PM service where everyone had opportunity to share with the Henry’s their love and support. Here are my random thoughts on the day…

  • I was very tired and seemed to muddle my way through announcements and anything else I said…I’m sure the church realized it and I apologize…I even “bopped” a man on the back of the leg with my iPad and Bible, only to realize when he turned, it was a guest, not the man I thought I was greeting!
  • I was overwhelmed by those who stated they prayed for me while I was gone and was glad I was back safely. (Btw, a very special thanks to those who loved on my wife in anyway while I was gone…several were such a blessing, thank you!)
  • Patrick selected all the songs for the services and Bro. Wetherbee did a great job arranging them to make them flow…great song services yesterday.
  • I praise the Lord for the visitors we had in both services, as well as the returning guests…church, we can never take for granted those that God sends our way on a weekly basis…please help me greet them warmly and genuinely each time.
  • Lisa Geisler, medical missionary to Bangladesh was with us in both services…she taught a ladies’ class, went out to eat with my wife and some of the other ladies and gave an update Sunday evening…I appreciate her testimony and service for the Lord so much!
  • We had Open House for Victory Baptist School from 2-4 and are grateful for those who visited during that time. (Btw, enrollment time is here, contact VBS for more info.)
  • Sunday evening was geared around the Henry’s departure so the message was based on Eliezer, Abraham’s most trusted and Committed servant, as he was sent to find a wife for Abraham’s son…we looked at the characteristics of a Committed Servant, qualities also found in the life of Patrick Henry.
  • We gave gifts to the Henry children as well as to Patrick and Leslie.
  • Patrick gave summary of what God has done/is doing in their lives.
  • The church gave a great love offering…thank you so much church for how you respond to special love offerings…here’s the thing, God ALWAYS honors giving to His servants and His work!
  • This was proven, as in addition to our regular offering (which was good) and the special love offering for the Henry’s (which was good), God put it on the heart of a church member to give an offering of $40,000 for the general fund!  That’s absolutely incredible…it shows God’s sovereignty, His provision, His hand of blessing on the ministry of VBC!  All I can say, is “Thank You, Lord” and “thank you church member for listening to Him.”  Church, as we state on a regular basis, “God is good all the time, all the time, God is good!”
  • We had a great time of fellowship and food following the PM service, provided by various individuals of leadership in the church…thank you men and women who contributed to make this a special time for Patrick and his family…they were very grateful!

It was a long, but very good Sunday.  Church, as embrace our theme this year, “Committed”, I want to thank each of you who have committed to another level of service, another level of giving, another level of walking with God this year!  Let us continue to be faithful…let us continue to be Committed!


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