B.F – Day 8

This morning we hung out at the Shumaker’s home for a little while before we loaded up the truck and headed to the Nazinga Elephant Park.  It was about a 2.5 hour trip through even more underdeveloped country.  I wasn’t real sure what to expect at an “elephant park.”  My extent of elephants consists of the Grant Park Zoo, where you may or may not get to see them, and if you do, they’re not doing anything.  Let me tell you, this was awesome!  Once we got to the park entrance (the term park is used very loosely…there were no fences, it’s more of a preserve, the elephants can go anywhere they want when they want), we had about a 45 minute drive back to where we would spend the night.  It was about 20 minutes into the drive when I realized this would be an adventure I’d never forget…I was told we might get charged by an elephant…blah, blah, blah…and then we came upon a group of “big, grey, walking rocks” that began to shake their heads, flap their ears, roar with their trunks and then give chase!  Again, stinkin’ awesome! Yes, we saw several different types of animals, roan bucks, water bucks, warthogs, baboons, monkeys, antelope and several animals I weren’t sure what they were…but the thrill was definitely seeing, and hopefully getting a charge, from a herd or parade of elephants!  I have video proof to show you soon.

Following the evening safari, we stayed in the above pictured bungalow, complete with grass roof and all.  There was power, however it was delivered via generators which cut off at 10 PM.  After that, it was completely dark and quiet, except for the sounds of the night.  After the sun set, it did get somewhat cool, however, very comfortable.  We went to bed pretty early because the next day’s safari began at 6:30 AM, with coffee prior…can’t wait!


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