B.F – Day 7

This was the last day of the Pastor’s Conference, but it was a great day!  We had the same agenda as the previous two days, however, we were able to give the pastors the ties that the Victory church members brought in, as well as the cowboy boots and shirts.  Can I just say this, “They absolutely loved them!”  We had enough ties to give every pastor four apiece…and you would have thought it was Christmas!  They were smiling, wrapping them around their necks and comparing theirs to the next guys’…it was great!  The very first tie to be picked out was the American flag tie that someone donated…the pastor’s name is Justin, and in broken English, he said, “I love America!”  Thank you for everyone who had a part in making these men’s day!  I will post a couple pics at the bottom.

We had another great meal today, some tomato soaked rice with seasoning, and a couple pieces of lamb, and as a special treat, everyone got a Coke or Fanta Orange!  Bro. Keith told us that it’s not uncommon for these men to go days, even weeks without any meat, so this was a special lunch for them.  I have really enjoyed eating the lunches prepared by the women of Ouagadougou.  (Oh yes, I forgot to tell you what yesterday’s lunch was…a macaroni type dish (no cheese:)), with a couple of pieces of very cooked fish.  It was almost hard, which is the way they prepare it and was very tasty.)

This afternoon, we were told our custom shirts would be ready and so we decided to wear them to preach in for the evening service.  I cannot wait for you to see my shirt!  I may wear it Sunday night when I get back to show it off!  It was a sweet service to end the conference with.  Bro. Jim McAuliffe gave his testimony and did a great job.  I don’t think the translator slowed him down a bit!  I will post his entire testimony online when we get back to the States.

The church here waned to show their appreciation, so they brought us down front, said some very nice things, then presented us each with a handmade gecko lizard.  It was very kind, and meant a great deal to us.  You see these lizards everywhere, including the rooms we slept in each night.  Fortunately, none ever ventured to crawl across our chests during the night…that wouldn’t have been a pretty sight!  The Shumakers are glad they’re around, because they keep the spiders and mosquito population in their home to a minimum…as a result, I’m thinking of bringing home several for our house:)

We had to rush out following the service tonight because Bro. Gardner and Bro. Feis’ flight was leaving soon after.  Bro. Jim and I are not leaving till Friday night.  In the morning, they are taking us out to an elephant park, where we will spend the night and enjoy some pleasure time.  It’s my understanding, if we’re lucky, that we’ll get charged by elephants!  I’m hoping for some National Geographic type video footage to share with you as a result!  Of course, there will be no power out there and consequently no internet access, so the posts will be a bit delayed.

Church, this has been a wonderful trip…it is helping us fulfill several of the goals for The Africa Project…thank you for being supportive and I will share more ways we can be a blessing to this ministry…there’s so much I want to tell you.  We appreciate your prayer, God bless!




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