B.F. – Day 5

This morning (Monday) we met with 20-25 national pastors beginning at 8:30 and began a marathon of teaching. I guess we preached for 4-5 hours, Bro. Gardner and I, with only about a fifteen minute break! These pastors love preaching…they barely moved the entire today while the Word of God was being taught. There’s no way the pastors in America would have endured today like these men did…it was incredible!

A little after 1:00, we ate a lunch prepared by some of the women of the church…it was rice covered with a delicious peanut sauce. The plate was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when I sprinkled some local hot pepper that was finely ground. I promise you this, in heavier doses, it would have competed with Chuck Sasser’s hot chili. (Current 2012 VBC Hot Chili Champion). Bro. Gardner sprinkled some on his, but wasn’t quite man enough hungry, so he didn’t eat it all. I can’t wait to see what African meal we have tomorrow!

There are many beautiful things here, but something that has arrested our attention is some of the shirts the Burkina Faso men are wearing. They are super sharp and we asked how we could get one. Bro. Shumaker introduced us to a man in his church that hand makes them, and he said he would make us one…so this afternoon, Bro. Gardner drug us all around town shopping (yes, I said shopping) for just the right material to make our shirts. You should have seen us…up until this point, we have not seen the first white man…4 big, white Americans (plus my friend Jim:)) walking from booth to booth looking at material, haggling for a good price. We had a great time walking the streets of Ouagadougou, seeing sights, hearing sounds and smelling smells that were all new and different to me.

We had to hurry back to the church because the conference was continuing at 6:30. Again, the people sat for over two hours, singing, praising and listening to us preach…what a wonderful time. For a preacher, this is a dream come true…just start preaching, and don’t quit till you get through! However, for a translator, it’s not so fun! While Bro. Gardner and I shared the preaching times, Bro. Shumaker had to translate back to back to back! He ended up translating (preaching) for around 6.5 hours, not including all the meal times and Q&A times! By the time we got home this evening, he was “wore slap out!”

When we returned to the Shumaker home, we enjoyed some delicious salad and made-from-scratch lasagna that would rival anyone’s! What a blessing Mrs. Rebecca has been to us. After spending a few moments of fellowship, we pillowed our tired, yet satisfied heads.

The Lord sure blessed us today and has set a wonderful start to the week.




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