B.F -Day 4

Day Four finds us preaching in a couple different churches. Bro. Gardner preached at the church at Tingandogo, and I had the privilege of preaching at Living Waters Baptist Church. In both churches, we met some beautiful people, with smiles as wide as I have ever seen! In Tingandogo, we were able to see a church being built with money sent from Bro. Chris Wallace’s dad’s church. It was very exciting and they should be able to move in within a couple of weeks.

The singing, once they get to going, is incredible! They sing so loud, without inhibition, I wish I could bottle some of it up and bring it home with me…you’d love it! It was very interesting to be able to preach with two translators. We preach in English, Bro. Keith Shumaker translates it into French, which most of the pastors here speak, then another man translates the message from French to Moore, a local tribal language. It does take a 10 minute message into an almost 30 minute one! Fortunately for me, the Burkina pastors don’t really care how long you preach!! We pretty much just start preaching and go till we’re done…and they would take more! I’m really beginning to love these men, not just as partners in ministry, but for their heart, for their desires to want to see God do something great in their lives and in the lives of their church members.

Today was the beginning of the Pastor’s Conference, which will go through Wednesday night. Monday morning, the pastors will meet from 8:30 to 1 pm, and Bro. Gardner and I will split the teaching time, and then break for lunch. We will then come back around 6pm, and both preach again in the evening service. This will include the pastors, their wives and other church members who will attend.

After church this afternoon, we went to a local buffet-style restaurant which was really good, although there were few things that resembled American style buffets! The food here has been great and although I was hoping to lose some weight, I don’t think it’s gonna’ happen. Thanks to Jim who bought everyone’s lunch.

There was another well attended service tonight, as Bro. Gardner and I both preached at Living Waters Baptist. You can really see the love the Shumakers have for the Burkinabé people, as well as their love for the Shumakers. This really is a tremendous work and God’s hand is truly blessing.

Following the service tonight, we had homemade pizza…plenty of it! Mrs. Rebecca and her girls did a great job preparing them and we ate all we could and there was still some left over, even though we found out Chris Feis really likes pizza!

Off to bed for an early start tomorrow…if anyone see’s my wife before I do, tell her I sure do miss her! I love you sweetheart and miss you and the kids!





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