B.F-Day 3

What a looonnngg night’s sleep! I can’t remember the last time I went to bed at 7 or 7:30 in the evening, but what do you do? No power, no lights…I could use a few more days like that in my life! When I awoke this morning and headed out of the church (where slept), there were already three or four village children waiting on us to get up. I groggily waved and heading towards the restroom place where you, you know, you go…in case you’re wondering, yes, someone had just visited it prior to me taking a pic 🙂

Typical Toilet

We left the village and went to another town called Kaya. This would be a great city to put a radio station in…it was huge, covered with people and we asked several people, including the pastor of a large Assemblies of God church in town, and was not able to find a Baptist church whatsoever. This pastor was very kind and generous…he showed us his church, answered a hundred questions, then wouldn’t let us leave till his wife fixed us coffee and tea. We had a wonderful conversation and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. All of us were very impressed with this pastor.

We then found our way to a market where we watched Bro. Shumaker haggle some good deal on some souvenirs, ate some local peanuts (delicious!) and drank a cold Coke! After doing some more surveying of the town, we went back to the Shumaker home, took showers, ate a late lunch and rested for a few minutes before we went to the church to preach a youth meeting.

What a great group of young people! They listened so well, took notes and wanted me to make sure I gave our youth at Victory a warm greeting from them. I was very encouraged by the youth at Bro. Shumaker’s church…they are training a host of young men for the ministry and it is exactly the type of ministry we love to support. This was my first time having Bro. Shumaker translate for me during a message and I look forward to preaching a couple more times tomorrow and many teaching/preaching times next week. I wish our entire church could see this work and potential…truly amazing and needy and full of opportunity and promise.

I’ve mentioned several of the young men assisting Bro. Shumaker, yet I must mention his wife. She has been working very hard to feed us and take care of us (and their 4 children). She has done a wonderful job and the food has been outstanding…she truly is a blessing and helpmeet to Bro. Keith. I guess what is so great is her sweet spirit and smile she carries as she ministers…Bro. Keith is a very blessed man.


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  1. Praying for you Pastor! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Sounds like God is really working in your heart over there. Can’t wait for you to share the burden with us when you get back!

    • He is, Emory…we have so much work to do…we need more men, not only here but everywhere…Victory has so much to do! Thanks for praying…I want to be used for God desperately this week and I need His power and direction.

  3. What would be the average area covered by a radio transmitter? Would it be better to have several small transmitters for like a village area or would a larger transmitter work to cover say a 20 mile area? I have been researching it this morning to see what the cost would be

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