B.F – Day Two (Pt. 2)

(Con’t. from Pt. 1) …the smiles of the villagers as many of the smaller children chased our vehicle to the church which they built. As the young men were being challenged by Pastor Gardner, the village children surrounded us, seemingly as curious about us as I was them. You should have heard the lips smacking and tongues sucking on the Jolly Ranchers we brought all the way from Loganville!

After a couple of hours, some of the women of the village arrived, complete with the envisioned African bundles or pots upon their heads, and Pastor Salef moved everyone inside for a service. Bro. Feis preached, the message then was translated to French by Bro. Shumaker, then into the Moore tongue by Pastor Salef. Following the service, everyone went outside for a game and fellowship and I even got to try to balance a pot on my head! I’m not sure Bro. Shumaker thought it was a good idea, as it contained the lady’s supper for her family. I was careful and managed not to drop it, but was left amazed of how skilled and strong these women are to carry our such a task!

Having an interest and brief background in architectural engineering, I was anxiously desiring an opportunity to peer inside one of the many straw-matted roof topped clay huts and Bro. Shumaker was able to secure us the chance to do so. Bro. Gardner and I ventured into the small opening of the home of the first wife (he had three) of the head man. It was a humbling experience to see how this woman and her children slept and lived inside of this 11-12′ in diameter abode.

We thanked the families for their hospitality and made our way back to the church, as the sun just seemingly dropped out of the sky, making the term “dark continent” take on a whole new meaning.

Only the lights from our flashlights and a million stars made visible the inflating of air mattresses and consumption of the previous mentioned sandwiches, pretzels and other local treats. After supper and prayer for ourselves, our families and ministries back home, and future opportunities here, we thanked God for a great and safe day. And that’s when we began to hear the drums…


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