B.F – Day Two (Pt. 1)

Would you take a look at those PB&J sandwiches?!? They looked good as they were being made early Thursday morning, they tasted even better for supper, 12 hours later…thank you, Mrs. Rebecca! Bro. Shumaker had a wonderful couple of days planned for us, beginning by having a meeting set up with some local pastors in a town named Pissila, 2 1/2 hours away. It was here, where direction for the Voice in the Villages ministry, became much clearer.

We knew Bro. Gardner’s God-given vision for the Gospel to get out in these areas efficiently, must be achieved by acquiring license and equipment for radio. In the town, Pissila, the only source of power I saw was a couple of ancient portable generators, and that was only supplying power to what appeared like less than a dozen locations. There was zero Internet access, no tvs, yet were told almost 100% of the residents owned radios! The crazy thing was, in this area, there’s only one station, it’s government owned and doesn’t always broadcast…the possibilities are endless! Because of how flat and vast the land is, radio waves can travel great distances and reach countless souls with the Gospel.

After having a tasty lunch, bread and goat/lamb skewers, we traveled deeper into the bush out to a village named Roengou. We went from traveling dirt roads, to traveling paths created only by donkeys and the occasional moto or bicycle. Three of the men studying, training and pastoring under the leadership Bro. Shumaker are traveling with us. One of those men, Salif, puts his bicycle on top of a bus, rides 2 1/2 hours, then pedals 45 minutes through the sand each weekend to preach/teach in this village! It truly is a work of passion, filled with compassion.

As we approached the village, it was not hard to see…(next post)


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  1. We are praying for both of you, for protection and safe return. We also pray that your mission will be accomplished.
    God bless. Enjoy your time.

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