B.F – Day Two (Last part)

(Con’d. from Pts. 1,2) We could hear them off in the distance, sometimes louder, sometimes faster, but continuously beating…the drums were also coupled with the chanting or singing of the villagers. Bro. Shumaker had told us we would hear them, but tonight’s ceremony was due to a death and this was their tradition. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Bro. Shumaker would intentionally put us in any harm’s way, but I did catch myself looking over my shoulder as I brushed my teeth a little ways from where we’re sleeping!

11:58 PM found myself, Bros. Keith and Gardner laughing at the fact we had only been in bed for 4.5 hours, so we re-inflated, exchanged “good-nights” again and laid back down..and that’s how I was able to catch up on the details of our trip, as I lay here praying and wondering what tomorrow holds for us. My prayer? “Lord, open Thou mine eyes! Show me what You want me to see, beyond the physical eyesight which many times is blind.”

Church, reader, the work here (as in many other countries and continents) is great…it’s too great for one man, for two men, for twenty men. We need others who will say, “I’ll go!” and “I’ll give!” I trust God touches the heart of many…funds need to be raised for these radio stations, materials need to be written and translated and men need to be trained. Would you consider investing in one of these endeavors? Not later, but now…

More to come as Day Three dawns…


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