Sunday Summary 1.8.2012 Special Vision Edition

Each year, we set aside three days to remember God’s blessings from the previous year and renew our vision and passion for Him in the upcoming one.  We call it The Vision, and it is one of the most anticipated and celebrated times of the year for the Victory Baptist Church.  Sunday was the beginning of this year’s Vision, and it started off in great fashion with a combined SS, taught by our guest preacher, Dr. Charles Wetherbee, and after a full day of preaching, teaching, worshipping, praising and praying, ended with our annual Chili Cookoff! What a day, and here are some random thoughts from my perspective:

  • So much time praying and planning goes into this event, we always are hopeful our people are as anticipatory and excited as we, the staff, are.  It’s sometimes hard to gauge, but I’m prayerful they were (are.)
  • The new theme and direction for the year is always unveiled in the Sun AM service and our new theme is…

  • Yes, that’s right, we are Committed to Christ, our Church, as well as to our Community and world this year!  It will be an exciting year as we strive to increase the level of our Commitment to Him in every aspect of our lives!
  • Dr. Wetherbee’s messages in SS, Sun AM and in the PM service were incredible!  Seriously, as soon as they are uploaded to our web page, you need to listen to them…what a simple, clear, yet very compelling challenge to be Committed!  I honestly CANNOT wait to hear from the Lord through Him tonight!
  • We had the first of three great skits, as we travel along the campaign trail to find out who is “The Most Committed Member of VBC”, as well as some great video commercials and ads we’ll soon post for your viewing pleasure.
  • We had many read through their entire Bible this year, as well as some Jr. Church aged children to read through the New Testament.  We always challenge our people every year to do this and award first timers with a certificate of completion and a New Testament with their named engraved on it.  Those who achieved the 5 consecutive years received a Bible with their names engraved as well…congratulations to all those who spent time in His Word this year…let’s do it again in 2012!
  • The two awards we recognized some members with were the Servant of the Year Award and the Christian Service Award…two very deserving recipients…

    Christian Service Award - Mr. John Hicks

Servant of the Year Award - Mr. Nathan Quinton

Chuck Sasser - New "Hottest Chili" Winner

  • In addition to all The Vision activities, we baptized two women, one in the AM and one in the PM services.
  • We also added two members as well…it truly was a great day.  Thank You, Lord.

We’re looking forward to tonight’s service, COMMIT yourselves to being here!



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  1. Looking forward to being there tonight!!!

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