Paul Smith…a friend in the House

On Tuesday, Feb. 7th, a friend of mine, and of Christians, will be running in a special election for the recent vacated seat in District 107.  Paul Smith, founder and visionary of Citizen Impact, has recently decided to use his passion and talents to serve the public in an even more far-reaching opportunity.  I would like to encourage everyone to view this District Map (107), and determine whether or not you or anyone you know of (family, go to church with, play ball with, attend school with, etc) lives in the District and then make a difference by voting in the special election on February 7th.  One might wonder why I would use this forum to promote political action…let me address that for you.

As a pastor, the ability to publicly endorse someone running for office becomes increasingly more difficult, however, those serving in public offices are so very important, that we should do our part in insuring we make every effort to fill them with those who hold to the Christian values we desire.  The reason why I am making such an effort for this election, is that is considered a “special election”, in other words, the only reason we will go to the polls, is to vote for this one office.  At this point, there are only three candidates in the race.  Paul Smith needs a 51% vote to avoid a run-off, which will be held the day of the Presidential primary.  I would like to help Paul Smith to avoid another month of campaigning by encouraging enough to vote him the victory on Feb. 7th.  With this being the only race at the polls, the voter turnout will be very limited, thus making it that much more imperative we do our part.

There are many articles, write-ups, and sources where you can find out more about Paul Smith.  I would encourage you to read about him for yourself, then call him, text him, email him, send  a message on twitter, visit his Facebook and web pages and ask him any questions you would like.  You can also find out on his website where you can contribute to his campaign.  Paul Smith is my choice for the Georgia House of Representatives, House District 107.  If you have not registered to vote or or not sure where to vote, you can click this page and it will tell you everything you need to know.

In addition, Paul Smith will be visiting our services on Sunday, February 5th, and although it will not be a political venue, I’m sure Paul would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.  Again, Paul Smith is my friend, brother in Christ and will make for a wonderful Representative…


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