Happy Thanksgiving from Pastor Lawrence and Family

We would like to wish our entire Victory family (and other readers as well) a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for loving our family the way so many of you do.  I shared in our Tuesday night service the things I’m so thankful for concerning our church…I’ve decided to post them for you today.  From my heart, Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. The Lord of our Church – He is the One we follow and we place our faith in…nothing or no one else.
  2. The Legacy of our Church – I’m thankful for all the members who have sacrificed and gave over the years before me…as well as the previous 4 pastors.
  3. The Love in our Church – We have a great spirit in our church and one can experience and sense true Christian love.
  4. The Listening of our Church – Still amazed and humbled so many show up each service…
  5. The Little Ones in our Church – We have great children’s/youth ministries as well as many young families…they’re our future.
  6. The Leadership in our Church – I have the privilege of serving with some of the greatest men and women with servants’ hearts.
  7. The Life in our Church – Praise the Lord we don’t have a dead church!
  8. The Labor in our Church – So many have a “mind to work”
  9. The Light of our Church – Our Global Evangelism efforts are really increasing in giving and going.
  10. What Lies Ahead for our Church – The vision for what God wants to do at VBC makes me very thankful!



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