Truly Unshakable! (A must read)


So, for those who may not know her, Haley Dixon is a 21 year old young lady in our church who is journeying through her second bout with cancer.  I asked her to give us an update of what the next few weeks looks like in her life.  The following is an excerpt from her Facebook page from which I wish you would “friend” her and keep up with her as well as encourage her:

Hey!!! So I had a bunch of informational meetings this morning and wanted to let those of you who wanted to know what my schedule would be. I hope this message finds everyone doing well and I wish y’all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Gobble, Gobble! :)

Wednesday 11/23-
8:30am PET/CT scan
11am Bone Marrow Biopsy
Tuesday 11/29-
10am lab work
If my blood counts are good, then I will be admitted into the hospital again for 3 days
doing my 3rd cycle of chemo. They actually start the chemo around 9pm.
Thursday 12/8-
I have to begin taking 2 neupogen shots everyday from just the one I have been taking
every day.
9:30am lab work
10:30am meet with Dr. Waller (my stem cell transplant doc)
Tuesday 12/13-
7am start of stem cell collection
I will get a phone call from a nurse letting me know if they have collected enough of stem
cells and if I need to keep doing the 2 shot neupogen thing. If they have not collected
enough then I will return the next 3 days until they have collected enough. They said the
collection is about a 4-6 hour process.
Monday 12/26-
So glad I don’t have anything on Christmas day! This day I have to start taking another
drug out of the 4 I am already taking called Kepivance. This is suppose to help me not
have any mouth sores and if I do then its suppose to help them be not as serious…
Tuesday 12/27-
Not sure what time yet, but I have lab work.
Wednesday 12/28-
I will be admitted into the hospital. This will be the start of my 3-4 week stay.
Thursday 12/29-
The start of the high dose chemo given in 3 drugs. I will actually receive 4 days worth
of this chemo. After this treatment, I get one day of “rest” and the following day (which
should be January 3rd) they do the transplant. This means they will give me back my
stem cells that they collected and these go to work to help build my immune system back
which will be completely wiped out with the high dose chemo.

Phew! I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m getting there. Thank you so much for all the
prayers! Love y’all!!!

Even through all this, you can still sense her sweet spirit and “unshakability” as she faces some tough weeks ahead of her.  All along, she has praised the Lord and has refused to allow her mind to drift too far from focusing on Him!  Let me just publicly say that I admire her and the way she is facing this time in her life.  Haley, you have my prayer as well as love during this time…God bless you sweetheart!



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  1. Please tell Haley that we are so encouraged by her spirit, and that we are praying for her. Thank you for posting this, Pastor. I love you and thank God for you.

  2. “In everything give thanks” A lesson we should all learn unfortunately most Christians never learn it. I have realized this basic truth through trials the Lord has put in my way in order to herd me back to the right path. I am very thankful and praise God daily for providing the needs of my family

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