Waye-Oct ’11 Prayer Letter

October ’11 Prayer Letter
Oct 24, 2011 02:34 pm | chriswaye
Dear Pastors, Partners & Praying Friends,

I write this letter 30,000 feet above the Atlantic, five hours into my flight home. I am returning from London, where I have spent the last 7 days researching the needs, opportunities and what God is doing in the UK. Traveling alone this trip, I met with church planter, Travis Snode where we would travel the heart of England with many questions heavy on our hearts. We found those answers from the six men we met with throughout the week.

We heard from men from all different backgrounds and cultures, and gained a much better understanding of the unique need in England. With these men, we spent hours asking them what they thought the biggest need was in that area. We asked them what could be done. We asked what God was doing with them and their ministry. I was delighted to see that God’s work is not done in the UK. That He is alive and well there, as He is all over the world!

We were told not only what God was already doing with these men, but of the great need that remains. That need is a revival, or as they called it, a “rescue” of the churches in England.

We were told of dozens and dozens of churches, with a building and a handful of people, that simply needed a God called man to come and preach and teach the Bible. These people are in need of something they have lacked for far too long, a pastor with a desire to see the Gospel spread throughout their land once again.

While the need is still great and much is to be done in the way of church planting in the UK, my heart was burdened for the dying churches that soon will shut their doors for the last time. These doors may reopen, but not as a church, but as a mosque, a coffee shop, a bookstore perhaps. One mans church that we were able to be a part of, was just months away from being turned over to a muslim library before he came in. These churches must be rescued, revived and re-established!

I would ask you to pray for these churches, that God would send men to shepherd these people and see a great revival in this place again.

Check out this post for a video interview from one of the British Pastors


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