Dr. Allen-Nov Prayer Letter

Our Nov. 2011 Prayer Letter:
Thank you all for your part in our ministry & service for our Lord.

“The Allens”

Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. P. O. Box 519 Braselton, GA 30517

Drs Phillip & Charlotte Allen Missionaries Since January – 1969 (33 Years in Brazil)

560 John Deere Rd., N. W. E-Mail: drphillipallen@mwbm.org

Monroe, GA 30656-4769 Phone: Home (770) 267-6384 Cell (770) 823-9283

Home Church: Victory Baptist Church 88 Brand Rd. Loganville, GA. 30052

Reaching the PORTUGUESE SPEAKING USA Since June – 2004


It is hard to believe the year is almost ending. Our oldest daughter (name withheld to protect the guilty), will be 51!!! But we do have so much to be “Thankful” for.

Charlotte continues to be in remission with her leukemia. Phillip’s hearing aids are working well, helping me hear 90% of what I am supposed to hear. Charlotte says I do “selective” hearing, ha ha! That’s not really funny for the hard of hearing or deaf people.

Phillip has had some skin cancers removed & ultra-ray treatments on his arms. His doctor told him to work harder on his blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, not to mention his being overweight. One diabetic medication was changed & seems to be an improvement.

Lelis Vittorio continues to recuperate from her knee surgery. Since her husband died she has been living with her daughter in Duluth, GA. Her daughter’s boy friend is a jew & we have obtained a Hebrew/English Bible to give to him. Pray for the salvation of Lelis’ family.

Rosa Merchant had to make a trip to Brazil & has not returned yet. She owns a few cattle in the state of Goias, Central Brazil. There, she is a qualified nurse. Here in the US, she cleans houses, because she does not speak enough English. Pray for her husband John who needs work.

Jahfar, Irene, Maria & Thainara continue to be out of church. In spite of our calls & visits to their homes in Woodstock & Roswell. They have some serious spiritual problems. Help us pray for them.

Though we have a small number of Brazilians in church now, we continue to maintain our support of seven missionary families/ministries.

Our missionary in Boston (Peabody), MA informed us that another Brazilian Store has closed.

Many Brazilians continue to return to Brazil from Brazilian Communities in the USA.

Charlotte & I are thankful we are able to minister to the Brazilians who are here.

We are very “thankful” for your help.

Sincerely yours – Phillip & Charlotte Allen

Drs. Phillip & Charlotte Allen

Your Missionaries to Portuguese Speaking People in the USA


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