Sunday Summary 11.7.2011

I think Sunday was one of the most gorgeous days of the Fall so far and it was a great day at church as well. Even though we had some families out of town, we still had full services and for that I’m thankful, grateful and humbled. Random thoughts on the day…

  • It was good to have Jason Wetherbee back
  • We missed having Patrick and Leslie Henry there today but having a baby at 7:15 Sunday morning I guess is excusable:) Congratulations to them on their third baby girl!
  • Great spirit across the campus the entire day!
  • Always good to have first time guests as well as returning ones!
  • Congregational singing was really good
  • I started a new series entitled “The Unshakable Purpose”…I will be dealing with those questions like, ‘Why am I Here?, ‘What’s my purpose in life?’, etc This Sunday I laid the foundation by asking what the psalmist asked in Ps 8…”What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”
  • Praise the Lord, a man the staff has been praying for and working with for about a year, trusted Christ as his Saviour…what a rewarding blessing!
  • May we never get over the fact He loves us in spite of us!
  • Another great attendance in the evening service…church, let me say this, never grow weary of the Sunday PM or midweek services…those have been well attended, and honestly, some of the sweetest and most blessed services we have! The absolute BEST way to see the entire emphasis and heart of a church, is by attending the other services, including the Bible Study/Sunday School hour.
  • I was really blessed in particular by the special music in the PM service. (The special music has been really good the past few weeks…thanks to all those who minister in the choir, orchestra and special groups.)
  • I continued preaching through 1 Timothy on Sunday evening, in particular chapter 4…
  • Thankful for those in our Monthly Director’s Training following the PM service…the Lord has blessed us with many men and women who faithfully serve at Victory
  • I’m glad I got the “extra hour” yesterday, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, it was a long, but great day…thank You, Lord!
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