What’s Changed Pastors?

Our Training Center is studying a book published in 1912 by C.E Jefferson, entitled, The Minister as Shepherd”. Although written decades ago, just shy of a century, the truths contained in it are so relevant. The office of Pastor is to be understood as that of the “shepherd” of the flock of which God has entrusted them with. Here is a quote from today’s class:

The impression prevalent in the non-churchgoing world is that ministers are talkers, salaried palaverers paid to say sweet and soothing things for the men who pay their salaries. There is nothing which will break down this prejudice like the self-sacrificing labors of a shepherd. The questions are often discussed—” How can we reach the unchurched masses—how can we gain the wage-earner—how can we win the laboring man ?” It is safe to say the orator will not win him, nor will the theologian, nor the doctor of philosophy, nor the connoisseur in literature. He will surrender only to the shepherd.


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