It has to get better…

That’s what many people are screaming these days concerning their marriage.  Here’s the thing, it can!  We just have to make the decision to work at it, make sure our priorities are right and the Lord is leading it.  I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife, (you can read about it here if you don’t believe me), yet, the success of our marriage hasn’t happened “by chance” or by accident, we’ve had to make concerted efforts to that end.  Our church has have many marriage conferences or retreats in the past, and my wife and I have enjoyed them all.  Each time we walk away with something that has enhanced and strengthened our marriage.  Next week, for the second year in a row, in addition to our own retreat, I will be spending some time with her away, focusing on our marriage. Yes, it’s only a two day thing, yes, it is complimentary via Winshape Retreat of Chic-fil-a, (last year we went somewhere else which costs us),  but all that’s beside the point, the point is, I want to do this, I need to do this.

The question I’m posing to then, what are you doing to invest in your marriage?  I’m not talking about a weekend away at Stone Mountain or even a 3 day cruise where you “just get away” (which, we do need those times as well), but where you get some marriage training, counseling, direction for the days ahead.  We want to help you learn to “enjoy” your marriage, not just “endure” it, that’s why we have scheduled once again a wonderful getaway next February in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. (Feb. 9th-11th-Dahlonega, GA)  We will spend three nights and two days fellowshipping, relaxing and learning together from our guests speakers, Austin and Betty Gardner.

I invite you to invest in your marriage…make the most out of it…learn from the Scriptures how it can be better than you could ever imagine.  Yes, it will cost you…$225 as a matter of fact (unless you turn in your $100 deposit by Oct. 23, which will lock in your $200 price…$25 savings), but I know men who have spent much more than that on a single weekend hunting trip, and think nothing of it.

So, if you’ve caught yourself saying “It has to get better” concerning your marriage…sign up to make it happen this week.


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