Sunday Summary 10.2.11

Fall actually feels like it’s here now, and today was no exception…what a beautiful day it was!  Not only was there a crispness in the air when I arrived at church this morning, there was also some urgency for the messages to be delivered as well as some anxiousness for the things that followed.  Here are my thoughts on the day: (kinda’ long)

  • Lamar Birge has done a great job on filling in for Jason Wetherbee these past couple of weeks.  Thank you.
  • I love the song that a trio sang this morning, “The Healer”  It’s an amazing thought to know that He is our great physician as well as the ultimate Care-Giver.
  • Had several visiting families this morning, always a blessing.
  • My mind was already “stretched” before I made it to the pulpit, not sure we’ll schedule a quarterly business meeting following the AM service again. (more on that in a moment)
  • I’m really looking forward to the “Unshakable Mind” series the next few Sunday mornings, as well as Traveling Through Timothy in the PM.
  • Before we can can be “unshakable in our minds” we must overcome the Doubting Mind, which we covered Sun AM…had some acknowledge their uncertainty of salvation, but no public professions of faith at this time
  • We’ll be covering the Discouraged Mind, the Double Mind, the Dirty Mind and the Deceived Mind this month as well.
  • Thank you for the basket of goodies.
  • It was really good to see the RU crew back from the national conference, love seeing that section full of people who might be recovering addicts, or people loving and ministering to so many with strongholds.
  • Was great to baptize another man this week, as well as having him and his wife join the church.  They are also products of the RU ministry!  I love it! (Btw, go to Sonic this week and turn in the forms for the RU fundraiser.)
  • It was also good to have a second family join today as well.  I love how God keeps sending us families…it’s humbling and exciting!
  • Had a great quarterly business meeting that ended up lasting over an hour!  It was originally scheduled to only last till around 12:30, but it broke out in tears and testimonies and let me tell you…a super sweet spirit enveloped us.  There was a lot of transparency and leadership exposed and I am so thankful I am a part and have the privilege to lead such a wonderful family of God.  Evidence of some “unshakability” in our church families.  Thanks to all those (majority) who stayed after, as well as the words spoken…thank you for personal comments as well as personnel comments.  I’m still getting encouraging tweets, texts and emails from people.
  • Last night’s attendance was also great…we did have AWANA again instead of Wednesday night due to the N.E Georgia Tent Crusade being extended another week.  Thanks again to all those who helped make the transitions a little easier, parents and leaders.
  • My message on Sunday night was entitled “The Progression of Confession”, an extension of Sun AM’s service a little.  To be honest, I felt like I was being too simple and preaching on a subject overly familiar to people.  I tend to struggle a bit when it seems as if “I’m preaching to the choir”, but here’s the thing…I try desperately to make sure I’m preaching what He wants preached, not what I want… and wouldn’t you know it, we had a couple attend where she is Catholic, has had trouble in the past understanding how the Blood applies, and how it cleanses us and how we don’t need a mediator between us and God.  Church, I couldn’t have preached a more fitting message for the hour than what was preached!  That’s God!  That’s why I love Him so and must follow Him!  By the way, the couple asked for a private meeting after church, we are assisting them in several ways…tonight and in the morning.  Pray for their salvation.
  • Looking forward to spending another month with my new prayer partner…if you don’t have one, not sure who you have, call the office or Mark Smith…church, we need the power of God in our lives…let’s pray to that end.
  • I truly sense we might be on the verge of revival at Victory as well…O Lord, send the rain!
  • I love VBC…let’s serve Him well this week.

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