Michelle and I…17 years ago…

Saturday will mark the 17th year Michelle and I celebrate one of the most wonderful days of our lives.  It was on October 1st, 1994 on a somewhat cool Saturday evening around 7:14 when we vowed to love each other, care for one another, submit to one another and keep Christ first in our lives, for the rest of our lives.  I can remember so well seeing her being escorted down the aisle by her father.  There was a tear in his eye, but I could barely see them, for as soon as she came through the back doors of the church, the tears began streaming down my face and seriously, did not stop the entire ceremony.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude that the Lord would put someone like her in my life…it was an incredible day!  And for the record, it has only gotten exponentially better!  My love for her has not in the last bit waned, it has only grown deeper and intense.

Michelle Lawrence, you hear me tell you that all the time, but I want the world to know how much I love you and how wonderful I think and know you are.  You are a wonderful mother, an incredible wife, a helpmate in the truest Biblical sense and I thank God for you.  Humanly and fleshly speaking, you “butter my bread”, you “light my world”.  You’re everything that is good to me…I love every day with you.  I love reading our Bibles and drinking our coffee in the mornings together.  I love our Wednesday lunch dates. I love listening to you love our kids.  I love holding your hand, and yes, kissing your lips.  I love when you look at me with that “you’re all I need” look.  I love eating sushi with you.  I love when you pillow your head at night and give out that long “wheww, I’m through for another day” sigh.  I love when you lie to me and tell me I have big muscles and my graying hair looks good.  I love cooking with you.  I love that you can be made to laugh, even when you say you’re “not in the mood to laugh”.  I love how you understand my hours of ministry and support me in them.  I love how great an example you are to our girls and demonstrate what our boys should look for in a wife.  I love how you show me affection, as well as how you receive it from me.  I love how you want to please me and make me happy.  I love how you carry yourself at home, at the store and at church…all the same.  In short, Michelle King Lawrence, I love you with everything I have and am so willing and ready to spend the rest of my life trying to be the best husband I can possibly be.  May the Lord continue to grow us together as we grow in Him!  Happy Anniversary!

Here is a small clip from our “candid camera” engagement video, recorded live by an uncle hiding in the nearby bushes.  Michelle had no idea and never did till I showed the family later that night.  We were riding horses and having a picnic.  I read some Scriptures concerning husband/wife relationships right after but she wasn’t paying attention to anything but the ring on her finger.  Fortunately for me, she said “yes”, otherwise, you would have never seen this video.


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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Hope y’all had a wonderful day. Love you guys 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone…

  3. Congratulations to two wonderful servants of the Lord Jesus and His church


  4. “Happy Anniversary” to two of the most precious people I know!! Best wishes for many more wonderful years together!! Thank you for the example you set for what love, respect and marriage are all about!! Love you all very much!!

  5. awesome!! almost to real to be true. I love it!! Congratulations to both of you.

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