My Dad…

Well, our family really wasn’t going to say much at this point, but things are leaking out and to keep things from being too misconstrued, let me share with you some recent happenings with my dad. On Thursday, my dad was admitted to Newton General Hospital with some heart issues. He had an episode on Wednesday which caused him to go to the doctor then on Thursday. After doing a heart cath, it was determined he had some blockage issues as well as some “electrical” issues. (Of course, anyone who knows him is saying at this point, yes, we know his wiring has always been messed up.) Anyway, he was then transferred to Emory Healthcare Downtown (Crawford Long) on Friday afternoon. He was set to do another cath there with a probable stint, however, an emergency came through pulling his heart doctor off his case, pushing then his procedure till Monday AM. At this point, he is still in the hospital bidding his time, how patiently is another thing…can you even begin to imagine the grief of his nurses?

After the blockages are dealt with, depending on what they have to do, the “electrical” aspects will then be considered. We really don’t know what that means at this point although the doctor did throw out a couple of thoughts, which I’ll reserve mentioning till we get to that point. At this point, my dad is doing fine, and we just ask for prayer for his health, his doctors and for mom. The Lord sure has been good to us and we are determined to remain “unshakable”, Amen?!

In addition, thanks for all the comments, texts, emails and posts…we love you and are doing fine.



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  1. Praying for the Lord’s Healing hands to heal Bro. Larry Lawrence Completely in the name of Jesus & to watch over Mrs. Lawrence and all his family. Sending love to you all.. Linda Smith

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