N.E Georgia Tent Revival








What a great start to the Tent Revival last night.  Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. has erected the huge revival tent right off of GA 316 across from the Georgia Club and let me tell you…it was a full house last night.  It’s my understanding that all the chairs had to be set out as the congregation began filtering in.  I was told they have with them 24oo chairs, which tells me there was a lot of people there!  The music was great as was the preaching…I’m really excited about what God is going to do through this meeting.  There were over 60 pastors present and I don’t know how many preachers and guest missionaries were there.  One of the things that struck me was a statement he made in opening up the service.  He said something along the lines that last night’s attendance (for the first night) was similar to only two other revivals they’ve had since 1976…one, absent-mindedly I forgot and the other the famous Cane River Revival…both lasting in excess of 9-10 weeks (I think one over 13 weeks).  Look, let me encourage you to come be a part of something  I believe God wants to do in a big way.  May revival come to our area and spread throughout this country!  Lord, will you do it my heart, will you do it in our church’s heart, our region, our state, our country, our world?

We will be taking a bus each night to the revival…it leaves at 6:15 tonight.  In addition, any men from VBC who are going, please see Bro. Josh Ayers prior to the service to offer assistance with the ushering duties, as our church is co-responsible for facilitating that ministry.  Thank you in advance and Lord-willing, we’ll see you tonight!


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