Today was packed full of things we were trying to accomplish…I believe the Lord was honored through it all, from the presentations to the preaching, and we praise Him for it.  As you know, Sunday marked the 10th Year Remembrance of the tragic acts of terror America endured.  We did several things to commemorate it and thought each one was great.  In addition, Sunday was also “Grandparent’s Day” and we wanted to recognize them as well.  Here are my thoughts of the day and summary:

  • Gorgeous day…really, it was a nice day to come to worship.
  • We had several visitors between the services and am very grateful for their attendance.
  • Our Adult SS classes resumed and it was good to walk around and visit most of them and see them coming together again.  If nothing else, the shortened combining of classes during the summer makes for a good break and fresh start.  I’m praying for you teachers…may this be the best year of spiritual and numerical growth your class has ever experienced…pray that way, believe that way, work that way.
  • The 911 video was a great reminder of America’s loss yesterday, but when Emory Burch trumpeted “Taps”, it really raised the awareness…it was so good, I asked him to play it again in the PM service.  Thanks, Emory.
  • Carmen Phillips sang a very fitting and beautiful song as well, paralleling the Statue of Liberty to the Cross of Jesus…and the different freedoms they both represent.
  • I was fired up about the start of the new sermon series, “The Unshakable Leader”, and really had a great time preaching and teaching…our church is so great to preach to.  You can listen to the message via iTunes if you desire, it should be up by Monday afternoon.
  • Sunday PM I continued preaching though I Timothy, we were in chapter 3, biblical qualifications of pastors and deacons.  You can pick up a deacon nomination form from the welcome center if you’d like…all submissions must be turned in to a currently active deacon by Sunday, Oct. 2.
  • Had another baptized after the service…Amen!
  • Following PM service, lots of details were given about the Victory in the Villages opportunity of The Africa Project…please see Josh Ayers if weren’t able to make it or would like more info…I want to encourage everyone and anyone that can to go to South Africa with us next summer!

I’m very thankful for VBC…let’s dedicate ourselves to be used by Him this week!  I love you church!


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