Home Mission Conference

The following is an expression of appreciation for his home church from Chris Waye…VBC is very proud of how the Lord is using Chris and Sherry…you can follow Chris’ blog here.

Sherry and I along with the kids have had a wonderful time getting to be home for a few days for our home church missions conference! I can remember just about every year since I was twelve years old us having a missions conference. In fact, it was at one of them when I was probably 13 or so that I remember wearing my first tie. I don’t know why I remember that, but I do. A friend of mine had to tie it for me and then put it around my neck, I had no clue what I was doing. Then as a kid I was able to take part in my first conference by walking down the isle with a country flag and man did I feel proud.
It is so awesome to see all of the people that have had an influence on my life over the years, and for this to be the church that I get to preach my first conference at, that makes it all the more special.
I can still remember different missionaries that we would have come through, I remember seeing their tables, their slides, talking with them, wondering how in the world they ever got to be a missionary. Now, here I am, not because of what I did, but because of who God is in allowing me to serve Him! What an honor!
I want to thank my pastor, Derik Lawrence and Victory Baptist Church for giving me this great opportunity.
Pastor Lawrence has had a great impact in my life. It was he who began picking me up on a bus route when I first started going to victory. He was my youth pastor all through middle and high school. He has taught me so much about what it means to be a Christian, a father, a husband, a leader and many other things.
I also want to thank the people of Victory Baptist Church. The church, on the last night of the conference, all brought out tons and tons of gifts for us and our kids, and lots of stuff for our boy that we are expecting in December. We are so grateful to have such a great home church that stands behind us and loves us the way that they do.
So, Pastor Lawrence and Victory Baptist Church, We love you very much!


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