Sunday Summary 9.4.11


As you can tell by the picture, today was our annual ” Old Fashion Sunday” and we had a great day. Here are some highlights of the day in no paricular order…
-We had two people accept Christ today, one during the AM service and one following the afternoon service…Amen!
-Bro. Randy Rhye, our visiting preacher, appeared as physically strong as I’ve seen him since his CM Leukemia diagnosis 13 years ago! The doctors are still amazed at how God has taken care of him all these years. If you haven’t had him to preach for you in a while, now is the time to bless your people by scheduling him to come preach…God will use him in your church, I promise.
-Our church, as usual, was really a blessing to Bro. Rhye through the love gifts…thank you, church.
-All three of his messages were timely, well-received and well responded to.
-We had several families out of town over the Labor Day weekend but still had a great attendance.
-The Pinner Trio sang wonderfully and added to our “old fashion” service, as did the men’s group.
-I’m always amazed and delighted at the number of folks who “dress for the occasion.”
-The Training Center guys and staff decorated the auditorium and foyer very well…thank you guys.
-Our addictions program, Reformer’s Unanimous, did an outstanding job with the BBQ lunch…it was delicious and quite a bargain…good job to all who participated, as well as to Wild West BBQ in Loganville.
-There was a great spirit present…that’s always good!
-We are grateful for several returning visitors as well as some first time guests.
-The 1:30 services we had several times this summer seemed to be well attended and well liked, although that may not be the same thoughts for others…(comments accepted)
-This was the last combined adult SS for the summer, new classes begin this Sunday at 9:45 AM.
-I love being a part of Victory Baptist Church and all that God has done and is doing, but I honestly believe “the best is yet to come!” Why don’t you come and see for yourself?


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  1. Pastor just wanted to say how thankful I am for you and your precious family! Old Fashioned Sunday is one of my favorite times at Victory. I love Randy Ryhe, his energy and excitement is contagious. He reminded me that although I may not always agree with another’s opinion, or how they might percieve truth. God desire is that I pray not say. Thank’s for your heart for Him alone.

  2. Praise the Lord. What a beautiful family. And I will take a car like that one!!!

    I am so blessed to see all that God is doing at Victory. I pray for you daily.

    God bless

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