Sunday Summary 8.21.2011

Yesterday was the first day of The Unshakable Mission Conference and what a great start it was.  Bro. Chris Waye is our preacher/missionary for the week and has already preached two of his four messages entitled “Life on the Run”, based on the book of Jonah.  He is doing a great job and is making our church proud to see how God is using him and Sherry as they travel the deputation trail on their way to the British Isles.

Thoughts on the day…

  • Auditorium looked incredible when I walked in…thank you Jason King, Nathan Quinton and all the rest of the men who helped build a village hut, schoolhouse, church and radio station…still wish you would’ve at least brought the goat in for one service!
  • Thought it was so neat and personally fulfilling to see and hear Chris Waye preaching a mission conference, our mission conference.
  • I love the Soweta African Choir song, “It is Jesus”, which plays in the backgrounds of our videos.
  • The choir and special music was really good.
  • I wish there were other options than lapel mics…like,  working mics.
  • I felt like the Lord was connecting with people during the Vision for the Villages explanation.
  • I thought the African meal was absolutely incredible!  (And btw, I know what chutney is now, and love it!) Thanks to all those who brought in food, prepared it and served it.  Everything was just great and looked great as well, considering we eat in an unfinished lower level.
  • The Junior Church boys did a great job beating the girls in the second annual Missionary Quiz.
  • I am praying that the messages will sink into some individuals and that someone(s) will actually step across the line and answer God’s beckoning on their life to full-time mission work.
  • I also am praying that our people will grasp the vision of what we’re trying to accomplish this week and become involved, not just interested.
  • I love our people and think God is doing some amazing things in our lives…I think there are more people that our tender to the Lord right now, especially the teens-25 age group than ever before…that fires me up, b/c they’re the ones who are going to attempt great things for God!
  • I’m looking forward to tonight’s service and the introduction of our Global Evangelism Team to the church.
  • See you tonight at 7PM…look for following posts which contains the overview video of The Africa Project as well as the first of three, the Voice in the Villages facet.
  • one more thing…you can view the conference (7pm EST) live through this link, or go to our church web page and click “watch live”




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