We had a wonderful time this weekend at our annual Men’s Wild Game Fellowship.  Several went down on Friday night and then others showed up on Saturday morning, ready to shoot guns, eat some good food and enjoy one another’s company.  Skeet-shooting, pistol shooting, archery, fishing and even a BB shoot for the kids made for a great day.  Below is picture of our category winners…to be honest with you, the young “bucks” made the old men “show up or shut up” and mostly we had to shut up due to 12 and 13 year olds outshooting the field of men in the archery and skeet…great job guys!  Many more enjoyed the lake time, others just the leisure time.

Thanks to everyone who brought a dish and a special thanks to Kevin and Bud Jackson for hosting the event and to all the staff, training center guys and other men who planned, set up, directed and then broke down for the day…it was hard work, but wonderful.  I’m very thankful to the great group of men and the spirit we share…till next year!

BB Contest (Kid’s Event) -Noah Wilkerson

Pistol Competition (Adult) Jonathan Green

Skeet Shooting Competition (Adults) Cole Lawrence

Archery Competition (Adults) Austin Hill


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