A tradition started years ago at Victory Baptist Church is to celebrate the anniversary of the Pastor’s ministry each year on the Sunday he started his pastorate.  Having been a part of 10 or 11 of them as an assistant pastor and now 7 of them as the senior pastor, it’s a very exciting day for the Pastor and his family.  Our church has always been so good to honor it’s pastor, and this year was no exception.  Let me walk you through the day, keeping in mind, I never know what to expect on these days, I just do what I’m told and go where I’m sent!  During the SS hour, teens and above where gathered in the auditorium for a combined session, where I expected to hear from a missionary (as we have been doing all of July) but to my surprise, it was a time dedicated for testimonies and kinds words by our church family for me and my family.  As awkward as those times can be, I can honestly say it was so encouraging to hear (for around 45 minutes) of so many different ways my wife and I have had some sort of impact in the lives at Victory.  The things that were spoken meant so much to us and encouraged us greatly.  I could never express enough gratitude for the things mentioned…thank you everyone who verbally expressed sentiments as well as to the many whose actions expressed thanks, even if the tongue did not.

Following SS, our worship service continued as normal with special music up until “THE VIDEO.”  I write it that way because our deacons always put together a humorous video, and this year’s was chock full of antics, subliminal messages and crazy footage.  It was based on the theme “Extreme Makover” and unless you’re a member, you probably wouldn’t understand, it’s a “victory thing!”  Thanks, guys.

After the video my children were presented with small gifts which they absolutely loved.  The church’s consideration here goes such a long way…thank you.  My wife was presented some beautiful roses and myself a signed picture by our junior church.  In addition, we were given a monetary gift and are very thankful!  Church, thank you so much for your generosity.

Following the preaching time (I preached on the Unshakable Family, you can go to our website or iTunes and listen to our messages if you’d like), the church gathered around tables full of all sorts of food and desserts and enjoyed a time of fellowship together.

After the meal, we congregated back in the auditorium for a 1:30 Afternoon Service and heard from four VBC Training Center guys and let me tell you, they did a great job.  They each get better every time they preach…thanks guys for being ready to preach!

At the end of the day, everyone was tired, yet we had a tremendous day.  I just want to reiterate once again, THANK YOU Victory Baptist Church for a great day and for being such a wonderful church to pastor these last 7 years.



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  1. Mary Edgerton

    Brother Derik, Miss Michelle and Family:

    There is NO way I could express in words how thankful I am for your loving guidance and precious friendship!!! You all have made such a tremendous impact on my life, and for that I will be forever grateful!! Please know that my prayers are constantly with you, and I am always here if you ever need me.

    Much love,

    Mary Edgerton and Family

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