Sunday Summary 5.29.11

This past Sunday was just a great day all the way around.  Celebrating Memorial Day, finishing up the Unshakable Marriage Series and saying “hello” to summer with a church-wide cookout were all accomplished.  My thoughts in no particular order…

  • Beautiful weather for the day
  • The flags looked great around the property
  • You could sense excitement everywhere
  • The auditorium started off smelling like the cookout before they moved the grills…it would have been difficult preaching with the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs wafting through the buildings:)
  • The lower level looked great! (Thanks to all those who helped hang sheetrock, run electrical, cleaned up and helped set up)
  • I thought the Memorial Day videos were great and moving…we should honor our military more often.
  • The patriotic reading by Alexandra Hammock was very fitting and was performed very well.
  • My wife said the last message on the marriage was her favorite and best…I didn’t think so.  I love preaching on the institution of marriage…maybe because I love my wife and our marriage.
  • Really felt like there was conviction in the hearts.
  • Love, Sacrifice and Commitment are necessary for relationships…marital, social and spiritual.  He Loved us enough to Sacrifice His life for us, making us the Commitment He’ll be our Saviour if we invite Him to do so.
  • Felt like the whole meal time went very smooth and was much more enjoyable than roasting in the sun.
  • Will probably move those times we have afternoon services to 1:30 instead of 2 PM (especially if we’re providing the food)
  • We had a pretty decent number despite the holiday weekend, with even several first time attenders.
  • I thought Bro. Jason Wetherbee’s message in the afternoon service was wonderful and impacting. (Five Lives We Each Live)
  • I personally enjoyed the time with my family Sunday after our PM/Afternoon Service like crazy!  I love my family!

Final word…Summer is here, vacations are upon us…this doesn’t negate the fact we have a mission to accomplish…stay Faithful, stay Fruitful.


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  1. Chad Phillips

    Love it. Thank you for updating everyone. We miss you all.

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