Happy Birthday to Michelle, my incredible wife…

Tomorrow my wife celebrates her 39th birthday…you might say, “You’re not supposed to tell people how old she is.”  Well, it doesn’t really matter for two reasons…one, that’s how old she is, not telling anyone never changes the facts.  Two, she doesn’t look like it, actually, she looks much younger than that.  I’ve never really posted many pictures of my wife on my blog before, but I’ve decided that I would this time, but not all the formal ones.  You see, my wife is an actual mother of six, not some “professional mom” that never seems to get down in the dirt and play with her kids.  Actually, one of the favorite things I love about my wife is that she is so fun to be with and she is a really fun mom!  She takes much of her time to do things with our children that models what a great mom should be.  She is an amazing woman in so many ways and I thank the Lord so much for giving her to me.

This past Friday and Saturday we spent together, just the two of us, with no phone interference, computer or child interference. (A special thanks to all those who helped with the kids!)  We had a great time with one another and it just reminded me how blessed I really am to be married to Michelle King Lawrence.  Sweetheart, I love you with all of my heart…Happy Birthday, and please don’t worry about the pics, you look great!

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  1. Rachel Sewell

    Mrs. Michelle doesn’t take any bad pictures! She’s beautiful inside and out! I am so thankful for such a godly role model and someone who is fun to be around! Happy birthday Mrs. Michelle! I love you!

    • Pauline Meeks( Liz)

      Beautiful family!!!
      Lydwin and I pray every morning and night for your family. For protection, guidance, good health and strength.
      We love you all!!

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