Sunday Summary 4.17.2011

The Lord blessed again at Victory today and we sure are grateful for His continued presence here on 88 Brand Road! We continued the Unshakable Love series this week as we looked at His Unshakable Love for us on the cross. A few thoughts on the day…
>first of all, the property looked great today following the clean up day yesterday.
>it was absolutely a gorgeous day!
>I really liked the flow of the service this morning…we changed up the order (again) and I really liked it today…think we’ll keep it this way for while.
>the sound was better today, but we still haven’t tweaked our new sound system completely yet
>we had two more families join today for which we’re very grateful!
>we also had another young man baptized this morning…I think that’s at least one every week for the past four weeks now, with I know more still scheduled…again, praise the Lord for that!
>tonight’s service featured the southern Gospel group Jaidyn’s Call, as well as a message entitled Jacob’s Call…there was a great spirit
>the War at Victory is back and it is just around the corner…can’t wait! May 12-14.
>please do your part by investing in someone this week by inviting them to be with us on Easter as well as praying for a great day.
>again, thanks be to the Lord for a great weekend at Victory.


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  1. Pastor Derik, It’s great to see how the Lord is blessing over at Victory! Keep up the good work! It’s all for His glory and thank God He is using you to do it. You are a blessing!

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